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Tips to Help Your New Furbaby Get Accustomed to a New Home

Here is a link to an informative blog with great tips on how to help a new dog feel at home.

Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Home

What is a “No Kill” Shelter?

We have questions repeatedly about whether or not we are a No Kill shelter.  The answer is yes.  Here is a great link to PAWS Chicago explaining the difference between No Kill and Never Kill, which clarifies this issue:


No Kill shelters save healthy and treatable. They euthanize only Non-Rehabilitatable pets who are irremediably suffering or dangerous to people or other pets.
Never Kill shelters do not euthanize. In these shelters, animals are often left in cages for years without proper socialization and care. These shelters often have a large proportion of behaviorally dangerous and nonrehabilitatable dogs.
Traditional or “Open Door” private shelters take in all animals, regardless of the shelter’s capacity and resources to treat. Unless a No Kill community, these shelters manage their shelter population by euthanizing animals that are healthy or have treatable conditions.
Animal Control shelters are government impoundment agencies or private shelters who contract with the government. These shelters’ primary responsibility is animal control, keeping the streets clear of homeless animals and being the community’s clearing house for homeless or unwanted pets. These shelters have to be “Open Door” to perform their mission.